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The Natural Sciences Collection

The Natural Sciences collection consists of around 21,000 specimens, around 6,000 of which are geological specimens, with the remainder being zoology and botany.

Zoology and taxidermy

The largest individual specimen we hold is that of Nelson the Lion. Nelson is a Cape Lion who was part of Jamrach’s famous menagerie, before being sold to London Zoo. Nelson was modelled by Rowland Ward of London. As a taxidermy specimen, Nelson was part of the collection of Joseph Whitaker. The Whitaker collection of around 750 natural sciences specimens was donated to the Museum in the 1970s. This collection includes excellent examples of bird and mammal taxidermy alongside a good selection of shells and corals.

The zoology collection contains around 2,400 taxidermy specimens including a good selection of study skins. Within the taxidermy collection are a group of around 150 mounted bird and mammal specimens produced by local taxidermist Graham Teasdale in Rotherham.


The Museum also has a very large invertebrate collection, including an excellent collection of around 8,000 pinned Lepidoptera collected by C. E. Young. Most of the remaining invertebrate collection are voucher specimens of records held by RMBC’s Biological Records Centre. A significant number of the voucher specimens were destroyed in the floods of 2007, but thousands still remain. The C.E. Young collection cabinet is in the galleries and is viewable by request.


We have an excellent selection of around 500 minerals and gem stones collected by Ethert Brand. We also have around 500 plant fossils from Hellaby, and around 100 rock core samples, mainly extracted from Maltby Colliery.

Plants and botany

Finally, the natural sciences collection includes a small but important selection of botanical specimens.

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