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Exhibitions at Clifton Park Museum

Exhibitions at Clifton Park Museum

Visit the Victorian kitchen and learn about cooking in the past.

Encounter the weird and wonderful as you discover the remarkable collections and exhibits.

Early Rotherham

The early Rotherham galleries show the development of Rotherham from its geological foundations to the English Civil War. The galleries focus on the Pre-historic, Roman and Medieval periods. Making use of a wide range of collections material, interactives and set dressing.

Early rotherham


‘Ghost’ (2001) is a 3 x 2.5 metre scanachrome print on an aluminium lightbox, by Turner Prize-winning contemporary artist Mark Wallinger. Ghost is directly inspired by the famous painting ‘Whistlejacket’ by George Stubb, which was originally displayed at Wentworth Woodhouse, near Rotherham and is now hanging in the National Gallery, London. The celebrated 18th century painting shows a famous racehorse owned by the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham. In ‘Ghost’, Wallinger adds a narwhal tusk to a negative image of ‘Whistlejacket’, transforming the horse into a unicorn.

Ghost is on loan from businessman and art collector Jack Kirkland, whose mother Sheila grew up in Rotherham.

The work now takes pride of place in the entrance hall to the museum.


Ghost scanachrome print on an aluminium lightbox

‘Ghost’ (2001) © Mark Wallinger

Walker Grandchildren

‘Caroline, Henry Frederick and Emily Walker, the children of Henry Walker (1775-1860) and Elizabeth Abney Walker (1786-1850)’

This newly acquired painting shows the grandchildren of Joshua (1750-1815) and Susannah Walker (1760-1831) who built Clifton House. The grand 2.4m x 1.5m painting can be found in the Drawing Room, where you can find out more about these members of the Walker family.

Purchased with Art Fund support

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Walker Grandchildren

Victorian Invention and Innovation Gallery

What did the Victorians do for you? Learn about the inventions of the time snd see which still exist today. Discover how industry changed with advances in glass, steel and coal production. How did this affect peoples lives?

Model of glass factory

Rotherham Rocks

Explore the delights of the rocks and minerals found in Britain. From the rocks that lie beneath our feet in Rotherham, to the meanings of birthstones. Discover their story or just admire their beauty.

Explore the delights of the rocks and minerals found in Britain.

Ceramics gallery

Come and see our world renowned Rockingham potter, made locally in Swinton. Marvel at the workmanship that created the enormous ornate Rhino vase, incredibly made in one piece!

Ceramic gallery

Victorian Kitchen

Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and tastes in our Victorian kitchen.

Visit the Victorian Kitchen and discover how food was prepared and cooked when Clifton Park Museum was once a house.

Children can pretend to be cooks by playing in our replica kitchen complete with a mini version of the range.

Look out for our cooking days delivered by our volunteer group the Kitchen Rangers who cook recipes with tasters during the winter months.

Groups can book a reminiscence session and join in with baking using the range, enjoy a cup of tea and toasted crumpets on the fire. Take a look in our shopping basket and discover packaging, toys and household objects from times past. Our half day sessions are themed to your choosing from 1950’s and 60’s, War time and rationing or Victorian times. The kitchen staff will be dressed themed for your visit.

Schools can book for our education sessions and experience life in the kitchen in Victorian times and look at rationing in World War Two.

Victorian Kitchen
Victorian Kitchen
Victorian Kitchen

The Library Gallery

The library gallery focuses on collecting from the past. See the weird and wonderful acquired by Rotherham collectors in the past, from our two bodied kitten to mummified Egyptian animals.

Field mice

The Lion's Den Play area

The Lion’s Den focuses on our most beloved exhibit, Nelson the Lion. He has been given his own gallery, with the focus on families and young children.

Learn about the animals and people of Africa, through fun and play. Have a ride on Ziggy the Zebra, crawl through our baobab tree, or listen to Nelson roar. This is one of our most popular exhibits.

Nelsons Den Play Area

Temporary exhibitions

We have a number of temporary exhibitions on show throughout the year.

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